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Aquatic Panda Distro

is a comic and art zine distro dedicated to uplifting the voices of artists of color. 


Aquatic Panda Distro carries comic and art zines from emerging artists of color. We have two levels at which we take zines for submission: Newcomer and Consignor.

Don’t identify as a person of color? Aquatic Panda Distro occasionally organizes collaborative comic and art anthologies that are open to all artists. Please follow @aquatic_panda_distro on Instagram or sign up for our newsletter for announcements and calls for submissions.


Newcomer is for artists new to zinemaking and students. Newcomer is a great option for artists who have never sold zines, tabled at a zine event and/or have little to no online art presence.


Consignor is for artists with more experience when it comes to zinemaking. Consignor is a good option for artists who have produced larger print runs for zines and are looking for an outlet to sell and carry them.

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